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Paid Their Dues: Vincent Nogueira signs for Strasbourg

One week after parting ways with the Union, Vincent Nogueira has signed with a Ligue 2 club.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Vincent Nogueira and the Philadelphia Union mutually parted ways due to an undisclosed health issue. The club cited  "personal health issues" and stated that Nogueira would return to France. Earlier today, it was made official that the midfielder has signed a two-year contract with Ligue 2 side RC Strasbourg Alsace.

Because he and the Union mutually parted ways, the Union will not receive any financial compensation or transfer fee for Nogueira. Since Nogueira's departure was disclosed as health-related, many fans understood why a break from soccer was necessary; however, fans are confused and a little irritated after hearing that Nogueira has already signed with another club.

I personally am not angry with Vincent for signing with another club. While I think that Nogueira and the Union could have reached a deal that would've been beneficial to both sides, I understand why he left the way he did. If his health was the issue, he just needed to be back in France for some time, and I do not blame him for wanting to do what he does for a living while closer to his family and friends. Regardless of the reasoning for his departure, his choice to sign with a new club is completely fine in my book.