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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 4 - Fire 3


Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Fire kicked in four goals in this seven-goal affair against the Philadelphia Union. But it was the Union who walked away home winners once again. The Union gained a big three points and remain undefeated at home through 8 matches at Talen Energy Stadium (6-0-2). It is easy to be excited about this result, and Roland Alberg stole the show with his hat trick and forcing of the own goal, but the defense is starting to lose the luster it had before the Copa break. They have let in three goals for two straight games, so hopefully that ship can be righted before it costs us too many points.  Here’s the match against the Fire:

Goals, goals, and goals
The U put Chi-town in a hole
So how’d it play out?
There can be no doubt
A new guy in blue took control

Accam started off all the scoring
The Fire felt that they were soaring
But nine minutes more
On themselves they would score
We knew this game would not be boring

In just four more minutes came Roland
His playing time now has been swollen
And his first of the night
Caused the fans to excite
And the rest of the night he was rollin’

Just before half came another
The Fire felt harried and smothered
For Al scored again
‘Gainst Fire-y men
And lifted his Union-y brothers

With Pontius fouled in the box
A PK call was orthodox
So in Alberg strolled
To score his third goal
And Talen folk started to rock

Chicago was down but not out
And instead of a frown and a pout
They scored two times more
On our defensive corps
The game was no longer a rout

But Philly held on to the end
Winning at home now a trend
Chicago was vanquished
In cellar they languish
While Philly first place did defend