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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - NYCFC 3

Too Little Too Late

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For losing Vincent Nogueira to a mystery ailment, having a rookie start in place of an injured CJ Sapong, and Ken Tribbett starting for Joshua Yaro, the Philadelphia Union played about as expected. Maybe that’s a bit harsh. I did expect a bit more defensive bite from the Union against an often ineffective New York City FC attack, but it didn’t turn out that way. The second-half substitutes seemed to inject some attacking life for the U, but it was too little too late. Let’s see how the Union loss unfolded…

A pretty day, the sun was out
And shining warm and bright
The Union came without some folks
To fight the New York fight
Powder Blue would start the game
And push from starting whistle
The goals were coming fast and hard
From DPs shooting missiles
Decided to show up
NYC woke up from snoozing
Through the Open Cup
The New York fans were happy soon
They did not have to wait
Lampard started off the show
In merely minute eight
Villa tried from way downtown
His shot went off the bar
It did not make it in the net
It wasn’t off by far
Villa then would get his goal
In minute twenty-one
The game was over e’er before
It seemed it had begun
The half would end with U down two
And NY riding high
The second half the U would fight
To drop the blue bad guys
Unfortunately not to be
For Pirlo scored a beauty
The "Soccer Yankees" in control
The DPs did their duty
Alberg hit his PK try
To get one back for Philly
But down three-one to have some hope
Admittedly felt silly
But then a red for Hernandez and
Freddy’s own goal late
Gave Union fans a chance for hope
We might not lose the fete
Alas the ref chose not to do
His job inside the box
A penalty was not to be
And he would stop the clock
Philly played like garbage in
The first half for a while
Their second half was better but
Still short by half a mile
Now the Union play again
On Wednesday ‘gainst the Fire
I hope the U can find a way
To do what wins require