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Poetry Corner Kicks - If Christina Rosetti was a soccer fan.

Poetry Corner Kicks looks at this game with an air of remembrance.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The tie between the Philadelphia Union and the San Jose Earthquakes had a bit of history in the air, but not the good kind.  In previous years, the Union would score a goal, go up a man, look inept, give up the tying (or losing) goal, and drop points at home.  Thankfully, the Union do not look inept anymore and though they gave up a game-tying goal while up a man, it was because of the play of a rookie starter, Joshua Yaro, who should learn from this and get better.  The fact that the Union are regularly playing such young talent (Fabian Herbers, Ken Tribbett, Keegan Rosenberry, Joshua Yaro, even Richie Marquez) is very encouraging.  The fact that this young talent is playing pretty well is even more encouraging.  Still it is disappointing to see a game end like this.  I could not help but think back to the former, darker days.  To recap this week, I spoof a poem of one of my favorite poets, Christina Rossetti.  Take a look at her original poem "Remember" before reading my take on it.

Remember U from days of yonder past
When goals were given like a cheap perfume
And points were shunned as if a pois’nous fume
But now those days are gone and far surpassed
Remember when the U had none to score?
Sapong and Pontius now bring the hurt
As Chris’s goal the Union’s lead asserts
Up now a goal, a man, the U should soar
Yet San Jose would not go down polite
As Dawkins found the net in eighty-three
Yaro’s clearance put it at his feet
A vestige of the Union’s former days
Better by far you forget times of blight
And hope they do not haunt their current ways