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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly D.C. United and Orlando City

Double stuffed GBU again, because we love you.

Trey Madara / Brotherly Game

Top of the East. That is all.

The Good: Table It
It's almost June, and here we are. Top of the East and with a game in hand on New York City FC and the New York Red Bulls. I was the super optimistic guy about the team at the beginning of the season, but it's still weird that the league is acknowledging that we are a threat. NYCFC are streaky as off brand Windex and Red Bull haven't shown a ton despite shellacking City in Brooklyn. All this to say we are in deeply uncharted territory, and it feels great. The defenders are scoring, CJ Sapong continues to be dangerous, and Andre Blake is Andre Blake, which means he's the best goalie in the United States.

D.C. United played a pretty meh game, and the only real saving grace was a beautiful series of play in the 91st minute. Josh Yaro played an underrated ball into the path of Sebastien Le Toux, and his cross was turned in by Richie Marquez for his first goal for the Blue and Gold.

The Bad: Josh, his name is Josh.
Josh Yaro (unjustly referred to as Justin) injured himself after 45 minutes in the draw to Orlando. This is not good news, but what helps is that Ken Tribbett has not been anything to scoff at this year either. He even scored on a pretty decent play, having the awareness to slot home the game-tying goal. We heard that Yaro's injury doesn't appear all that serious, and he'll be reevaluated once the team returns to Philadelphia. The great thing here is that just like Tribbett before him, Yaro might see a game in Bethlehem just to make sure he's fully match fit - which paid dividends for Tribbett in his return to the first team.

The Ugly: The refereeing will continue until morale improves
You know, I've done this like twice now. I really hate this, it's almost like 'hey guys, couldn't think of anything better so I'm gonna slag off on the refs again'. That being said I'm not even the most upset about either of the two goals OCFC scored. There was a clear as day penalty against Warren Creavalle (who had a great game) that Sorin Stoica played advantage on but really shouldn't have. Sure Larin was nowhere near the ball on his goal/barge into Andre Blake, and I won't even try and argue if the second goal crossed the line or not because all the camera angles are horrible and really why would it have even mattered if the Union would've had three goals anyway? The current higher ups at PRO are usually painted as figures who do the best they can with the hand they were dealt, but this is getting a bit ridiculous when a big matchup is under this much scrutiny from fans on both sides of the game.