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Poetry Corner Kicks: Philadelphia Union 2 - Orlando City SC 2

Poetry Corner Kicks: the ref has his say.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In the end, I’ll take a road point in Orlando.  It would have been nice to take all three points from a conference opponent, but after the reffing fiasco on display in Orlando, the Philadelphia Union can just be thankful they didn’t lose.  Let’s see from the referee’s standpoint, how this game played out…

I’m a ref in MLS
I do the best I can
But when in doubt I make it up
That is my game plan

I called a PK for Kaka
You see, it’s policy
To make sure all the high-paid stars
Can get their goals for free

Alas their goalie Andre Blake
Decided he was good
And saved the PK from Kaka
You kinda knew he would

But then in fifty-two there was
A goal from Philly’s mid
Tranqy scored a one-timer
Orlando’s goalie hid

Then I saw in sixty-one
A foul there in the box
Warren taken down by Dave
But I’m a sneaky fox

I didn’t blow the whistle
And pretended not to see
The obviousness of the foul
It looked okay to me!

When Cyle Larin crashed into
Their Blake and made him fall
I let the goal that followed stand
‘Cause that’s how I make calls

Immediately after that
Orlando scored for two
We’re not sure if it crossed the line
But I don’t care, do you?

Tribbett then would tie the game
A swift toe-poke to score
But fifteen minutes still remained
And both teams wanted more

I gave some cards of yellow hue
And others shaded red
But willy-nilly are my calls
The power’s in my head!

The final score was two to two
And both teams felt hard-done
But I am king of my domain
And I controlled this one!