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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Matchday 10 & 11

Two draws against pretty good teams on a short week? Let's talk about it.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the GBU Cup sponsored by Heineken and voted on by you, the fans! Is it the name you wanted? Nah, but it's the name you hated the least. Let's get into it.

The Good: Keegan!

Keegan Rosenberry has been the biggest surprise of the season so far. The last two games alone he was able to neutralize a few of the best players in MLS in Robbie Keane and Ignacio Piatti. I won't get all sour grapes about how he shouldn't have had to been drafted by us, but know we know why the Union took him at three instead of seeing if he would've fallen to six. His team of the week nod is surprising to absolutely no one given that he has the league lead in minutes (900) and is the only player on the U to start every match this year. While I don't think he'll dethrone DeAndre Yedlin for the starting spot in the USMNT, he will be (and is) a pivotal part of the defense. He also got the tying goal that will surely be a candidate for world goal of the year against LA.

Also: CJ scored his fifth goal in Montreal on a really pretty team play. Andre Blake continues to make all of the saves and in some organizational news, Eric Ayuk got called to the Cameroon U-20's which he definitely deserved.

The Bad: Set pieces!

There really isn't a whole lot to complain about this week, but you have to wonder what could've been if Montreal didn't score here. Yes, Didier Drogba hits a laser beam that Andre Blake wouldn't have stopped in a million years anyway, but if CJ does better with the clearance that's not an issue. First look you might think this is a weird training ground thing to spring a counter, but no one on the U is moving towards that clearance. Again, this is a minor detail and a point on the road is better than nothing, but look for CJ to go for the traditional high clearance from here on out.

The Ugly: The Corporate Sponsorship No One Asked for This Cup, Cup

I like rivalry week on paper. Honestly from a business standpoint having big names play games against regional teams on national TV is a smart move. However, for the love of the game, don't call everything a cup. Philly play DC United tomorrow. Heineken and MLS are marketing this as the first rivalry week and offered up a poll where some dumb ass name that no one that knows about the real "rivalry" between these two clubs and their fans wanted. We've already talked about it here, and I'll encourage you to head on over to black and red united to read their piece on it here, but I'll close with this. Both these men were and are vital pieces to their club, their community and their SG's. The unfortunate and largely unfair passing of Eric Shertz and the family of Kenneth Gemmell is inherently more important and worthy of being celebrated via a cup than any corporate sponsor/tv deal/marketing strategy ever can or will be. Tomorrow, please join both ourselves and B&RU in referring to this match as the Shertz-Gemmell Cup in spite of what the league does.