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Player rating results: LA Galaxy and Montreal Impact against Philadelphia Union

A twofer this week as we review the voting results for the draws against the Galaxy and Impact.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

While the Union secured two satisfactory draws against LA and Montreal, the individual players made strides both positive and negative. For example, Andre Blake had a topsy-turvy week and Keegan Rosenberry made a big leap in the consciousness of the Union faithful. Against LA Galaxy, Andre Blake faced just two shots and both were expertly slotted past him for goals. Unfortunately, that resulted in Blake receiving Least Valuable Player in our poll as well as by PSP and our friendly neighborhood machine algorithm at Whoscored. The ratings were kinder to Rosenberry who scored his first goal and otherwise played solid defense against one of the most dangerous offensive teams in the league. Rosenberry earned his first MVP rating from the fans. Here are the overall player ratings from that performance against LA:

week 9 ratings la

Andre Blake went from accidental goat to hero against Montreal, notching five saves, some of them highlight worthy. Meanwhile Rosenberry impressed again finishing second overall in the polling. Here are the results from the 1-1 draw with Montreal including PSP and Whoscored.

week 9 ratings montreal

Chris Pontius was unanimous LVP against Montreal but that's probably just due to the fact that he was the first player to be subbed off and did not have a lot of on the ball action. He registered the second fewest passes on the team with 22 although but did complete an impressive 86% of them, including a second assist on the lone goal. Seems like the LVP title was simply a matter of first man out.

Taking stock after 10 games

Now that we're through 10 games it's time to take a snapshot look at the top players so far this year. There was very little movement in the top 5 from the Brotherly Game fan ratings where Ilshino was dropped from the #5 spot and replaced by Chris Pontius. At PSP Barnetta has taken the lead as best player and Ray Gaddis with his three games slotted ahead of Richie Marquez who dropped from the top 5. Whoscored continues to cause us all to scratch our heads.

top 5 after 10

For my money, the Brotherly Game fan ratings make the most sense and highlight the players who have performed best on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

Here is a summary of the results by game. The Overall MVP and LVP are results from compiling all of the available ratings on the internet. Andre Blake has taken the Brotherly Game MVP title in 5 of the first 10 games, but just three times overall. On the LVP side there have been 8 different players that have taken that "honor" so far.

game VPs through 10

How are these different rating methods in your opinion? Answer the poll or comment below!