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John Terry re-signs with Chelsea

It looks like the Philadelphia Union have another opening on their discovery list.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

In a move I'm sure four people will be sad about, former English National Team captain and old man John Terry will stay with Chelsea according to the BBC. Undoubtedly one of the most accomplished players in England, and one of the players on the discovery list that was leaked, Terry got his wish and is staying in London.

Union fans really shouldn't be distraught. Given the state of the defense now - especially the center backs - they wouldn't be helped out a whole lot by a 35 year old who has pretty much no experience with the climate and travel schedule of the United States/MLS. Terry would really only serve MLS well as another aged out ex-Premier League player that would sell jerseys because of his name and number. Did it cause any harm to put him on a list that the league doesn't seem to know what to do with themselves? Not really, no, especially given that the club just made 50,000 dollars off of a Chicago Fire signing.

Besides, the Union can't spend money on an old center back if their number one target is a just as old striker.