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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - NYCFC 0

Poetry Corner Kicks: losing stats, winning games

Bloody bloody Pontius all patched up.
Bloody bloody Pontius all patched up.
Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Union are officially fun to watch.  Even in this game when the stats were almost all against Philadelphia, it still never felt like New York City FC would get back into the game.  The Union’s finishing gave the fans plenty to celebrate.  With their opponents seemingly only bringing David Villa with them to Philly, the Union were able take advantage and earn the home points.

Talen Stadium, nee PPL
Was NYCFC’s death knell
The Union perfect in their house
With New York’s hopes summarily dowsed
Villa on but couldn’t score
New York clearly needed more
The U lost stats like ball control
But won in one stat: scoring goals
Keegan tried to score his first
But Saunders' save was well rehearsed
Villa made a chance from nil
Alas his shot went just uphill
Moments later the Spaniard star
Would put a shot just off the bar
A little scare- would Union lose?
But that was it from Powder Blues
Bloody Chris would patch his face
Then to the box he set his pace
‘Quillo’s cross to Chris’s feet
Made Philly’s goal seem extra sweet
Before the half Sapong would shine
When Seba’s shot he realigned
The U now up two goals to none
That was the score when game was done
The U now sit first in the East
We’re all surprised to say the least
Stewart, Curtin pulling strings
To see what fortune they can bring
The Union look a team to beat
Creative play from minds and feet
Next come San Jose to town
And Philly hopes to take them down