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Philadelphia Union Week 7 MVP

A crowded field of candidates yields another repeat winner.

Philadelphia Union vs NYCFC
A Philadelphia Union player dribbles the ball against New York City FC at Talen Energy Stadium.
Trey Madara / Brotherly Game

There was no shortage of candidates to choose from for this week's Philadelphia Union MVP. The Brotherly Game staff has some pretty good opinions (as always) on who the MVP should be:

Nick Youngstein: CJ Sapong. He was involved in the lead up to the first goal, and his instinctive deflection secured the match. It seems like New York City knew that they were beaten after that second goal.

Evan Villella: Joshua Yaro and Richie Marquez held David Villa scoreless and generally didn't give NYCFC a whole lot of looks. Not that I thought NYCFC looked like they wanted to score anyway, but that pipeline rhetoric seems to have some weight to it.

Jared Young: Tranquillo Barnetta. He started the break and made the play on the first goal. Overall he set the tone offensively.

Barry Evans: Barnetta, he didn't panic in the move to first goal and made it easy for the tap in. Otherwise for the 60 minutes he was on, he was involved in everything good we really did.

Drew Gobrecht: I'm going with Sapong. Deserved a secondary assist on his goal.

Chris Allen: Sapong. His holdup play was impeccable all season, and it gives our other offensive players time to move into the final third. His header to Sebastien Le Toux during the buildup to his goal was impressive as well.

Alex Klein: Sapong, could easily have had more then one goal and he was strong up top.

John Rossi: Chris Pontius! Scored the winner and was dangerous in and around the box all game. Another impressive performance.

Andrew Stoltzfus: Rais M'Bolhi, without the black eye that the club took with Sak's biggest blunder this team would never have been put together. There's more depth and options available across the pitch (except at left back) than at any other time in the history of the club and it's happened in only about 4 months. If M'Bolhi doesn't flop nearly as bad as he did there's about a 98% chance Sak is still here and we suck.

I have to agree with John - I thought Pontius was the best player on the pitch on Saturday. That should not in any way detract from any of the other nominees though - all of them played well enough to deserve it. And while brilliant and most likely true, Andrew's answer has to be disqualified because neither M'Bolhi or Sakiewicz are still here (thankfully).

Congratulations CJ for being the Brotherly Game Week 7 MVP!

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