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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Sounders 2

Poetry Corner Kicks: points for trying.

Both teams were in sync.
Both teams were in sync.
Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Union went to Seattle to try at steal some points.  A tie would have been the desired result, a win would have been an unexpected surprise.  A loss, well, most of us could perhaps see this coming.  However, in spite of the gaffes the Union played fairly well.  Possession was in their favor and they made and completed more passes in the final third than the Sounders.  Those passes didn’t translate to goals or even chances, so that obviously needs to change.  But this is a team that is keeping the ball and moving in the opponent’s end which is a great place to start.  I think we are starting to see who this team is.  They can actually play with anybody, and can even win with flair.  But right now they are competitive, learning, and will have some growing pains.  We can probably expect more results like this in the short term, but the second half of the season could be interesting!

Seattle fans were in full throat
Their hearts to Green they did devote
But Philly fans would watch this game
To see if road points they could claim

Blake again stood on his head
As Philly’s D left him for dead
The Sounders came with shots en masse
But Blake would play with utter class

Many saves were made this half
But finally the U would gaffe
Marshall unmarked in the box
Scored one for the Rave-Green socks

The second half was more the same
As Alberg’s challenge changed the game
The U now down to just ten men
It’s déjà vu all o’er again

Then Jordan’s day went good to great
He fin’lly scored to quell the hate
But through it all the U stayed in
Still they tried to get the win

Just two minutes after Morris
Toux’ would score to DOOPing chorus
This would be their final tally
As the game reached its finale

A road loss for the Philly crew
But next it’s home for New York Blue
Three points are the aim next week
Or else the season could turn bleak