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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: Match day 5

Going to be tough to find two negative things to discuss in that last game....

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

What a week for the Union. Seriously, usually there's a fair bit of banter here but I'm tranquil about the week so let's get into it!

The Good: Speaking of Tranquil-
DEAR GOD WhAT A GOAL. Seriously. You've seen it at least 1000 times now but if you are just coming off a vision quest, go watch it here. A bunch of Orlando City fans are sounding like Union fans circa 2010-2015 moaning about that second wall of Union players being offside and interfering with Joe Bendik's sightline. Whatever. If you can prove that he would ever save that then you have a point. He'll never do it, that ball curves in from three feet wide, kisses the crossbar and gets buried in the back of the net. Elation ensues, I form a cult dedicated to that free kick and the U get three points at home from a decent Orlando side. 
Of course none of this would have mattered if Andre "3000" Blake didn't make a save of the year contender against Adrian "Bad Game of Thrones puns are coming" Winter. Two points were saved by the best goalie the Union have ever seen, I've said it before and I'll say it now, he's honestly that good. Elsewhere it was nice to see the youngster Keegan Rosenberry play a good game, other than a bit of a slip up in defense that saw Orlando get the equalizer at the half. CJ Sapong keeps scoring goals and really looks like he is going to make Sporting Kansas City regret the way they mishandled him that led to his departure from the Midwest powerhouse.

The Bad: We need more Box Populi
Breaking out the Latin for a joke that only I will understand. Anyway, we kinda need a second striker. Earlier in the season there was talks of a mystery "up to a million dollar" striker joining our ranks. Don't get my wrong, I love me some Fabian Herbers and I think he will develop into a nice option for the Union in a few years. He's not there yet, go see what he can offer in Bethlehem but really those ten minute appearances for the first team aren't helping him much as a player or in the minds of fans. In other badness (don't kill me please) I think it's time to take a hard look at Sebastian Le Toux. Yes, I know lovely readers, the man has never done us wrong. He's a legend etc. etc. He might even be a name that would draw casual fans. However, he's not getting any younger (32) and he looks like his form has really died off this season. Earnie Stewart has connections in Europe. If we can "Maidana" the Le Toux situation and get a Roland Alberg type of guy who is able to outplay Le Toux from the jump it shouldn't be as hard to rip the band aid off.

The Ugly: We Can't Have Nice Things (That We Were Supposed to Vote For)
I already talked about the two plays earlier. You know that Barnetta's goal and Blake's save were up for Goal of the Week and Save of the Week respectively. Neither will win. Tranquillo lost to MLS golden child Chris Wondolowski's pedestrian goal and Andre Blake lost to David Bingham who apparently made a save. Guys, this means one of two things. Either San Jose has a rabid fanbase that just sit and vote all day orrrrr Don Garber hates us. Either way. We should really vote more next week after Barnetta scores a free kick from the TruMark Financial Box on top of the North End. Deal? Deal.

Next week we play Seattle and hopefully their gross blue denim looking kits are staying off of the pitch. .