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Poetry Corner Kicks: A Game Called Fabinho

Poetry Corner Kicks gives the game a name

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first edition of the 2016 run of Poetry Corner Kicks! Even with this loss, I am still excited about this season. The Philadelphia Union are a young, new team. Games like this will happen, especially against teams like FC Dallas. But how does one classify a game like this? When classifying things, it helps to give them a name. So what name is appropriate here? We could say Blake, with his eight saves single-handedly keeping the Union from a complete blowout. But I think a more appropriate name would be Fabinho. For better or worse, he seemed to have his fingers in just about every notable play. So let’s take a rhyming look at the Union’s first game of the year; a game called Fabinho.

The Union had a tough assignment, there in Dallas city
A team as young as Philly tried but could not play so pretty
One player for the Union stood out on that field of green though,
For reasons good and bad we all took notice of Fabinho

It started early with Castillo burning down the flank
Fabinho tripped and to the ground he fell, a wooden plank
Blake would bail them out as he would dive across the scene though
Philly still was tied at naughts, no thanks to dear Fabinho

In minute sixteen, off his line, Blake couldn’t make a save
But there was ‘Binho for the block, for certain a close shave
Then just six minutes later things went off for Philly’s team though
A turnover from, yep you guessed, our dearest friend Fabinho

Now dispossessed, pride wounded sore, ol’ Fabby only watched
As Dallas went on down the field, the first goal to be notched
The U could still come back- the slate no longer to be clean though
But this was not the last we’d hear from thirty-three Fabinho

With Dallas firmly in control, and Philly’s players done
A Dallas win seemed pre-ordained, though only up by one
A sub was made by Curtin then, Ro Alberg for Ilsinho
But still no subs were made for struggling left backs named Fabinho

The lack of sub would haunt the U with yet another goal
Urruti scored for Dallas giving Dallas full control
But how did this goal happen to make this game an obscene show?
I’ll give you just one guess: it was a gift from our Fabinho

At final whistle Philly lost, the score was two to zero
For Union fans, not much to cheer, no blue-and-gold-clad heroes
We think a lesson from this game can by us sure be gleaned though
Next time start another on the left for mister ‘Binho