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Poetry Corner Kicks: Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

Poetry Corner Kicks tries to get used to winning.

The two leading goal-scorers for the Union share a moment.
The two leading goal-scorers for the Union share a moment.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

With two wins in three games and sitting tied for first place atop the Eastern Conference rankings, the New York Red Bulls really took the game to the New England Revolution.  What did you say?  It’s not the Red Bulls who have won twice and sit in first but rather the Philadelphia Union?  Hang on, let me check… Wow.  You are correct.  It turns out the Union may actually be a decent team this year.  This may take some getting used to folks.  As I have expertly said in comment sections around the internet (does that make me a pundit?), we must be patient with this rebuilding project.  But the early returns look very promising indeed.  Let’s see how the game played out…

Philly played at home
No foreign roads to roam
New England came but through the game their strategies were blown

The Union started strong
With eighteen minutes gone
Philly fans would clap their hands as scored CJ Sapong

Nguyen would try to shoot
From distance with his boot
But Andre leapt; the shot was swept aside and rendered moot

Then sang the Philly throng
The famous "Doop"ing song
Another score put on the board again by Sir Sapong

Nguyen would try again
His free kick tried to bend
But off both posts the chance was toast the frame was not his friend

Just before the whistle
The Union fans would bristle
Isinho caved and Bobby saved then came the half’s dismissal

More back and forth was played
Here’s Seba for PK!
He’d never missed, alas, what’s this? Another save was made!

Then as the whistle blew
A third goal for the U
Leo’s cross into the box was scored by our Le Toux

Now tied atop the standings
From games that were demanding
Let’s hope their play will stay this way to make their lead commanding