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Bethlehem Steel FC unveil kits, sponsorship with Lehigh Valley Health Network

Bethlehem Steel FC unveils kits for their inaugural season as well as a sponsorship with Lehigh Valley Health Network.

Bethlehem Steel FC Communications

For about a month or so we've all been hoping that every time Bethlehem Steel FC have a "special announcement" it's those jerseys we've been craving. Well, Thursday we got those kits!

Before that though, Bethlehem Steel FC managing director Rich Searls announced that Lehigh Valley Health Network is the jersey partner and the health care provider for the first team and at Goodman stadium this year. LVHN also is the first ever Foundry sponsor for the Steel, their highest available sponsorship level for partners with the club.

Supporting the community and building a sense of connectivity through soccer was a big takeaway in the press conference. Of course there was countless mentions of the season opener against FC Montreal on the 25th of March (the first USL game of the season in fact), which will be the first look at the very clean white and black away kits. April 3rd against Cincinnati is the first chance to see Steel FC play at their new home attire. Here, have a look before then. First signing Derrick Jones and captain Ryan Richter were kind enough to model them for the event.

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