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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Match day 2

Well, this is a nice surprise. Union beat C-bus, Andre 3000 is a stud, and wait, Andrew Wenger is good now?

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Week two has come and gone and dare I say it, it was a pretty alright week in Unionland.

The Good: Ponti is us.

When former D.C. United staple Chris Pontius arrived on our doorstep we were all pretty indecisive. Sure he was an MLS veteran and a proven asset within the league, but he gets hurt a good bit. Then we found out how much he was making and died. However, Chris held up his end of the, erm, contract, and played an amazing game for the Union. Two goals and a large amount of the attacking presence came through him.

Andre Blake got ANOTHER call up to the Raggae Boyz aka the Jamaican National Team which just gives more validation to something we already know, that Andre 3000 is the best goalie we've ever had. Both Pontius and Blake made MLS team of the week which means Don Garber reads my articles and I don't have to riot in front of his house now. Win-win when it comes to everyone staying safe this week.

The Bad: Don't get so defensive, midfield.

This isn't even a terrible thing. I actually thought that Warren Creavalle played a great game. He was able to fill in last minute and not only pair with Brian Carroll well, he held one of the most explosive offensive players in the league and his friends to one goal! What I don't like is the WCBC connection being asked to play some offense. Carroll has never been that type of guy who can play stretch passes out of the zone and Creavalle might be a bit better off but he looked too good as a "fifth" defense-man for me to justify him playing up too much. They aren't the worst pairing in the world, I just hope Nogueira pushes one of them out of the starting XI when he's healthy.

The Ugly:

There's no funny pun to put here this week. What happened to this Andrew Wenger?

Last year, Andrew Wenger played for the Philadelphia Union. He was a bit cursed around these parts, as evidenced by the time he dribbled into the fourth row before realizing he was out of bounds. He also couldn't score. In the year 2015, Andrew Wenger had a total of THREE POINTS IN THE ENTIRE MLS SEASON. He's making us look bad for trading away the joint second leading scorer of goals in MLS. Enjoy "good" Andrew Wenger while you can Dynamo Theory, but don't come crying to me when he runs out of bounds on you.

Columbus also has the worst home kits in the history of ever.

Come back next week so we can talk about how nice the weather was for our home opener! SNOW? Fine, we just can't have it simple can we?