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An interview with Ami Rivera, President of the Sons of Ben

We ask the Sons of Ben President a few questions about the upcoming Philadelphia Union season.

MLS: New York City FC at Philadelphia Union Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Ahead of the upcoming season, I was able to ask Sons of Ben President Ami Rivera a few questions about her transition into her new role with the organization as well as some of the organization's plans for 2016.

tBG) How are you adjusting to being the Sons of Ben President?

Ami Rivera) It's going good. Kenny (Hanson, President Emeritus) left me in the best position possible to take this on, and his continued support has been invaluable. It's certainly busy as the season is approaching, but I have a great Board who make the whole process easy to handle. Really thankful for all of them.

tBG) What are your expectations going into this season for the Sons of Ben?

Ami Rivera) I'm hoping for more opportunities to light off some smoke bombs. I think everyone is really curious to see the team under Earnie's & Jim's direction. As for us, we've got two missions. The first is always to support the team. I'm hoping everyone brings their passion for this team to The River End and gives the team everything we've got for the full 90 minutes. The second is to continue to work on giving back to the City of Chester. Bill (Gusler, SoB Director of Philanthropy) is working on some new opportunities this year which we hope to be actively involved in.

tBG) What are some things that the SoBs have planned for this year that are new or different from previous years?

Ami Rivera) We've responded to what members have asked for, which is for our operational side to be more transparent. Our largest meeting which happened in January was published as a summary of what our plans for the year are as well as a breakdown of our financials regarding membership dollars and how they are utilized. Outside of those things, I don't think we are here to rewrite the book. If anything, it's about keeping it simple. The SoBs are here for two things: 1. Supporting the team. 2. Upholding our commitment to giving back to the City of Chester. So it's not about doing things differently, but maybe doing them better each year.

tBG) What are some things that you are looking to do differently from previous SoB Presidents?

Ami Rivera) Again, I don't think its about doing this differently per se. The responsibilities of this position haven't changed, but other things do change and sometimes the focus gets wrapped up in all of the moving parts. So it's about keeping to the mission of the organization and doing what the original Elders set out to do. Be a supporter's group. It isn't about me, or any one individual here. It's about supporting the team & keeping to that commitment.

tBG) What would you say to someone who is not a member of the Sons of Ben to convince them to consider joining?

Ami Rivera) Come out to a match and see what we are all about.