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Poetry Corner Kicks: Surprise!

Poetry Corner Kicks examines how the Union beat the Columbus Jersey-Fails.

Chris Pontius buried his chances.
Chris Pontius buried his chances.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

I like surprises.  The Philadelphia Union’s performance against Columbus Crew SC was as predictable as the weather in March.  Which is to say, no one could have predicted it.  A late injury scratch for Vincent Nogueira, somewhat coherent back line play, two goals from Chris Pontius, all in a location where the Union had yet to win?  The only thing we fans could have predicted was that Andre Blake would be fantastic yet again, and even then he managed to defy logic with some of his saves.  One thing I can say about this season’s version of the Union: it will be interesting.  Let’s take a look at the way this surprise result played out…

Week one saw the Union lose
‘Twas not a pretty sight
But here in C-town Philly came
To try and win the night

Noggy out and Edu out
And Barny out as well
The U were patchwork, starting subs
They settled and excelled

Leo started off by shooting
Straight at goalie Clark
Though it was saved it proved the U
Possessed a certain spark

Throughout the half Columbus tried
But couldn’t gain a goal
Blake was standing strong and fast
He was in firm control

And just as halftime whistle blew
The Union scored their first
Keegan’s throw from way downtown
Set up Chris Ponty’s burst

Momentum now was with the U
Confidence was rolling
They’re up by one, the D was tight
And Andre was patrolling

Just after minute seventy
The U would hit their winner
Chris’s shot made Crew SC
Feel like they were beginners

The Jersey-Fails would try to score
Their many chances firing
But Blake would dive to stop them all
As time was fast expiring

Then in the eighty-seventh minute
Kei would strike a blow
The Union’s lead was cut to one
There was more game to go

Despite a flurry in the box
For all of six more minutes
Union’s D would bend not break
To hold on and to win it

Surprise surprise the Union won
‘Gainst C-town on the road
Next the U in Philly play
With confidence bestowed