Update: Benjamin Franklin will be in the River End!

Mitchell Kramer

"Hear ye, Hear ye!"

My fellow Union fans! It is my great pleasure to announce to you that Benjamin Franklin will be in the River End at the Philadelphia Union's home opener on March 20, 2016. You may recall my last fan post published on January 22nd. At the end of that fans post, there was a poll inserted into the article asking about having Ben Franklin in TRE for a goal celebration. 443 votes were counted 61% of the voters loved the idea, 23% were not sure if this was the right idea, but liked the idea of having a goal celebration. 5% of the voters didn't seem to care one way or the other, and 11% did not want any type of goal celebration at all. The article was shared via Facebook 227 times. I thought with a majority of readers liking this idea or something like it, I would continue my efforts to make Rob's idea a reality.

In addition to my previous post on the Brotherly Game, I was on the " In the River End." podcast episodes 9. I called into the VuVu Blast 610 am Radio back in January. The hosts and fans of these two shows loved the idea and encouraged me to continue to work on this project. More recently the Vuvu World soccer show has moved to I am excited to share with you my latest effort to explain my brother's Goal celebration idea and this time I brought a special guest with me. (Que video insert)

I know many of you have given me some really cool suggestions to add to this "Goal Proclamation" idea - one fan suggested Ben fly a kite and when it reaches the top of the pole LED Lightning Rods would flash! Another fan suggested a "Declaration of Goals, Assists, and Clean Sheets" to be signed at the end of the season by the entire club. At this time Ben Franklin will be in the River End as my guest to the stadium. We are going to try our hardest to get the "Goal Proclamations" earned during the game to the individual players during the post match player meet and greet with the fans, or as they walk to the tunnel. My family and I are using our personal resources to make this appearance possible.

At this time I wish to thank the Brotherly Game, In the River End podcast and the Vuvu World Soccer Show for helping me spread the word of this project to the faithful fans of the Philadelphia Union. Please keep in mind to share your thoughts on this goal celebration with the Club and the Supporters group Sons of Ben. If everyone enjoys Ben Franklin as much as my Brother and I now believe you will, please share your thoughts with the team. If you have an experience on Sunday interacting with Ben or you see us giving a player a Goal Proclamation and you thought "Wow that was pretty cool", share your thoughts with the Union and the leaders of the Sons of Ben,