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FIFA 16 Roster Update: Philadelphia Union Edition

As the transfer window rolls on, we take a look at how it impacts the roster on FIFA 16.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

MLS is often overlooked when it comes to the world's most popular soccer video game, FIFA 16 - and understandably so. Most would rather play with the highly rated squads in the major European leagues than mess around with a league full of players with mid-60's overall ratings and the occasional aging superstar. But there are many who are fans of the game that enjoy starting a career mode with their favorite MLS franchise, leading them to glory in the MLS Cup without the constraints of the voluminous MLS roster rules holding them down.

With the transfer window coming to a close, the folks at EA Sports updated the rosters for FIFA 16 and have included the recent MLS draftees and most of the player signings as of last week. So let's take a look at the updated Union roster in FIFA 16 for those who would like to take the team out for a spin in the virtual world.

Even by MLS standards, the Union do not have many players ranked at 70 overall or above. The team's "Cream of the Crap" as I've named it consists of Tranquillo Barnetta (76), Maurice Edu (73), Anderson Conceicao (72), Vincent Nogueira (70) and Sebastien Le Toux (70). Not surprisingly, Barnetta is the best player on the team, and while his overall rating is much higher than Edu, his in-game stats are impressive for the team and he is easily the most playable member of the squad. Conceicao is decent in defense, but his low strength (79) could make him a liability in the back. Conceicao's saving grace is his heading accuracy, which sits at a lively 83.

Other recent signing also made the cut for roster updates. Chris Pontius sits at a very average 67 overall. Just about everything in Pontius' in-game stats are also average, and he has the dubious pleasure of nabbing the "Injury Prone" trait. Thursday's signing Roland Alberg didn't make the cut for roster updates, but that can be worked around with a transfer. Alberg sits at a 72 overall and has equally average stats outside of his penalties (80) and curve (80). Walter Restrepo (68) was also added and has impressive physical statistics like speed and acceleration, but his skills sit mostly in the 60's

The rookies Joshua Yaro (60), Fabian Herbers (60), Keegan Rosenberry (57) and Taylor Washington (51) were also added. There's really nothing impressive about any of these players and would likely be candidates for a loan in your career mode. Herbers and Rosenberry have speed ratings in the 70's, while Yaro has a speed rating of 82, which is blistering for any central defender. However, concerns about Yaro's strength have been translated to the gaming world as his rating sits at a very low 60.

Aside from some small additions, the Union roster in FIFA 16 isn't very impressive, even in the context of MLS teams. There are certainly a few passable players on the team, but some significant work may need to be done in the transfer market if any player wants to lift the virtual MLS Cup.