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Union release 2016 primary jersey

Snakeskin is featured prominently on the Union's new kit.

Maurice Edu modeling the club's new primary jersey
Maurice Edu modeling the club's new primary jersey
Philadelphia Union

Earlier today, the Union unveiled their primary jersey for the 2016 season.

The design stays true to the club's inaugural jersey, a then-pure navy kit with a wide gold stripe running down the center. Like previous primary jerseys, the 2016 (and likely 2017) kit features slight variations on the original.

After a brief flirtation with pinstripes, the jersey is once again a solid navy blue. The iconic gold stripe has undergone a bit of a change; however, as it's now modeled to resemble snakeskin. The blue-and-red Bimbo logo will once again feature prominently on the jersey. A small gold snake and gold piping on the sleeves round out what is a very nice-looking jersey.

In addition to the Union's unique changes, adidas is now placing their three stripes under the arm, not on the shoulder as they have done in previous years. It appears that all new MLS jerseys will reflect this change.

Above, you can catch a glimpse of the gorgeous new goalkeeper jersey, which features the snakeskin design on the shoulders. You can also see Fabinho cheesing harder than anyone has ever cheesed before.

Here's a bonus shot of Fabinho and the snake, who seem to be very good friends.