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Bethlehem Steel FC add three more to coaching staff

Comisky, Khan, and Peck round out BSFC coaching staff.

Former Union equipment coordinator and new Steel team coordinator, Brandon Comisky
Former Union equipment coordinator and new Steel team coordinator, Brandon Comisky

We already knew that Brendan Burke is the head coach and that he'll be joined by Reading United head coach Stephen Hogan as well as former Union Academy coach Jeff Cook. Now we can add three more coaches to the staff.

First will be Dave Peck, who is being brought on as the athletic development coach for Bethlehem Steel. Peck might be a recognizable name to some of you who are familiar with YSC or the Union Academy as he works in a similar role for both of those organizations. Peck, like Hogan, will maintain his prior duties with the academy and the Union proper. Credential-wise he is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a degree from the University of Wisconsin.

Yaseen Khan will be another former Northeastern staff member joining the Steel. The newly announced athletic trainer has more than enough experience to fulfill his role dutifully with Bethlehem. After he graduated for Boston University, Khan stayed local. The trainer worked with plenty of college teams in the Boston area, including Boston University's men's soccer program, Boston College's men's football, and MIT's men's lacrosse and basketball.

Brandon Comisky rounds out yesterday's trio of hires, becoming the Steel's first ever team coordinator. Comisky has served as an equipment coordinator for the last three years with the Philadelphia Union and in addition to being the team coordinator, Comisky will double as head of equipment for the Steel. The Rutgers University alumnus brings a BS of exercise science with a concentration on sports management.