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2016 Philadelphia Union primary kit leaked

The Union's new kit was leaked the day before it is supposed to be officially released.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

On Media day, I caught a glimpse of the new kits for the upcoming season and sent a little teaser tweet about it.

That same day, rookie Fabian Herbers put a picture of the back of his new kit on Instagram.

Yesterday, an image was leaked of the new kit and I can confirm that the image Footy Headlines released will be the new kit for the Philadelphia Union in 2016. 

2016 Primary leak

There are some really cool things about this jersey. As we learned when Herbers leaked his kit, it will have new Adidas ClimaCool fabric and has moved the traditional Adidas stripes to the side of the kit rather than the arms as they had been in previous years. Another nice addition is the "Join or Die" snake towards the bottom of the kit. This snake had traditionally been on the back of the jersey right above the players' names, but it has since moved to the front, similar to the San Jose Earthquakes' "SJ 74" patch and the Portland Timbers' alternate logo.

Another amazing feature is, similar to the away kit, the center as a design pressed on the kit. Don't worry, it's not stars as it is on the away kit. This design is snakeskin, which points back to the idea of the "Join or Die" snake and really separates this kit from kits of the Union's past and helps distinguish it from the other MLS kits that have been released thus far.

The official release for these jerseys is scheduled for February 4th, pre-orders should go up after the release on the Union's website.