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2016 Player Review: Ken Tribbett

Tribbett’s first season with the Philadelphia Union was tumultuous, however he did have flashes of being a solid center back.

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Toronto  FC John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

2016 Summary: I don't think I exaggerate when I say that few expected Ken Tribbett to get as many minutes as he did on the 2016 Philadelphia Union roster. Tribbett kind of slipped out of nowhere to start alongside Anderson Conceicao in the first Union match of the 2016 season against Dallas. Originally a Bethlehem Steel player by way of the Harrisburg City Islanders, Tribbett to put it mildly has become a bit of a lightning rod to the Philadelphia fan base as the season has wound down. Originally viewed as a capable backup by many, he has rapidly become persona non grata by many of the fans as the Union defense broke down.

During the 2016 season Tribbett played 1,727 minutes over 22 games, 19 of which he started. He also managed to bag himself two goals and an assist in the campaign.

What did he do right?: Tribbett showed himself to have more of a physical presence than Josh Yaro. While Yaro has speed, Tribbett has size. Tribbett also did show some good defensive instincts such as this goal line clearance in the June 1st win against Columbus.

What did he do wrong?: Woooo boy where do we start? Down the stretch Tribbett was bad - REALLY bad. Constantly falling down, missing markings, allowing attacking players to make runs at the net. Tribbett failed the eye test spectacularly by the end of the season, he was utterly eaten alive by Jozy Altidore in the August 20th loss against Toronto.

Most memorable moment of 2016: Tribbett's moment of glory for me came in the May 25th draw against Orlando SC. Tribbett has the equalizer goal which allowed the Union to leave Orlando with a point.