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Fan voting: The most Union player ever and other all-time selections

Here are the results of our all-time Union fan poll. We promise the results won't cause riots.

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Fans voted for the best Union players and moments. Let's dig in and see if you agree. The first vote was for best Union Academy player. Given the season should-be-rookie-of-the-year Keegan Rosenberry had, this vote was the biggest landslide of the group, with Keegan getting 89.5% of the vote.

fan voting academy player

The next category was best Union goalkeeper where fans showed that stats sometimes do lie. Andre Blake beat out Faryd Mondragon for best player to man the net.

fan voting goalkeeper

In the closest vote in the player category Danny Califf beat out Keegan Rosenberry and Carlos Valdes for best defender. Richie Marquez placed fourth.

fan voting defender

It is with some sadness that we reveal the Best Midfielder vote as the Union just recently lost the top two vote-getters.

fan voting midfielders

Vincent Nogeuira and Tranquillo Barnetta ran away with the best midfielder vote and Brian Carroll finished third. Speaking of losing players, the Union's clear best forward, Sebastien Le Toux, also recently departed. It's been a run of losing good players even if Le Toux's days as a top forward were behind him. Conor Casey had the second most votes for best forward.

fan voting forward

Taking a break from the player votes for a brief minute, here is the worst Union moment as voted by the fans. The penalty kick loss to Sporting Kansas City in the US Open Cup Final stung the fans the most, with unpleasant memories of Nick Sakiewicz also resonating.

fan voting difficult moment

Turning our thoughts to something happier is the best Union moment. Here we have to go all the way back to the beginning of the experience where Le Toux's hat trick won the Union's home opener. Over half of the fans selected the opening moment as the best moment.

fan voting best moment

That crazy penalty kick win in New York that knocked the Red Bulls from the US Open Cup ranked second. The best Union coach is Jim Curtin with John Hackworth not receiving any votes. A coach to be named later finished second with 35.7% of the vote.

fan voting best coach

So who is the player that most embodies the Union? You might have guessed it, Sebastien Le Toux.

fan voting most embodies

Brian Carroll was a distant second and Danny Califf finished third, but there was love out there for all of our nominations.

We submitted five goals for best Union goal of all time and this was the closest vote of the group. The winner was Carlos Ruiz's extremely deep volley that gave the Union the lead in Chicago.

Fan voting best goal

Here's one last look at that fantastic goal.

Thanks for taking the time to vote. If we missed any nominations please let us know in the comments.