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Philadelphia Union training complex lands sponsor

Power Training Complex has a nice ring to it

Kind of like a Terry Crews Old Spice commercial, the Philadelphia Union now have Power - the Power Training Complex to be exact. The 16,500 square foot training facility, known for housing two full length fields and an indoor area once known for having a distinct surplus of whiteboards and lack of blinds will be sponsored by Power Home Remodeling.

On top of being a workout space and training ground, the former industrial building houses both Union coaching and support staff. In terms of the soccer side of things, Earnie Stewart took time to praise Jay Sugarman for the massive commitment to player development, with the facility being one of the nicest in MLS. Switching to business, Power Home Remodeling’s CEO Cory Schiller speaking to the growing brand and household name that the Union have made in their short time in operation.

October 13th will be the official ribbon cutting and unveil of the facility (or, at least the new partnership) and that will be open to the public. We’ll have more information when it is available to us regarding that event.