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Philadelphia Union and MLS News and Notes 1-21-16:

The draft is officially over and the Union have resigned Brian Carroll. Now the rumor mill can start flowing on where our DP striker will be coming from.

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Union, Colorado Rapids, Seattle Sounders hold onto influential veterans Brian Carroll, Bobby Burling, Michael Farfan |
Brian Carroll is back! And some other teams are valuing veteran leadership too.

Philly Soccer Show: Curtin Talks Super Draft Additions | CBS Philly:
Did the Philadelphia Union get their man in the MLS Super Draft last week? Check out what Jim Curtin has to say in the podcast from the Philly Soccer Show.

Jurgen Klinsmann supports Jordan Morris joining MLS | ESPN FC:
U.S. men's national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann approves of an apparent decision by Jordan Morris to start his professional career in MLS. At least outwardly that is, since Klinsmann was one of the main people saying that Morris would be better suited developing overseas.

Rogers: Jurgen Klinsmann, MLS need better relationship | USA Today:
Benny Feilhaber and many fans of Major League Soccer feel that USMNT coach Jurgen Klinsmann displays a bias against the American league.

Bruce Arena urges MLS to reconsider player payment structure | ESPN FC:
Bruce Arena is wondering what most of us are thinking, why don't teams get to have more say in financial decisions and why don't players have more say in their salaries and whatnot. Even free agents can only have a slight increase in their contract compared to the prior year.