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Fans have mixed feelings about Union's first three picks

The Philadelphia Union’s supporters were out in full force in Baltimore for the 2016 MLS SuperDraft and they had their fair share of opinions

The Philadelphia Union did not disappoint with the amount of action with the third and sixth overall picks in the 2016 MLS SuperDraft. Within minutes of the draft starting, the Union traded Allocation Money to the Colorado Rapids for the second overall pick in the draft. The surprise of fans within the Sons of Ben was expected when Chicago passed on Joshua Yaro and selected Jack Harrison with the first pick. The expectation was that the Union would bring in a haul of MLS ready defenders in Yaro and recent United States Men's National Team invitee Brandon Vincent.

Then Earnie Stewart shocked the crowd.

With the second pick, the Union selected Yaro to much excitement and with the third pick the Union selected Homegrown hopeful Keegan Rosenberry, both out of Georgetown. Philadelphia then selected another relative surprise with their sixth pick, Creighton standout midfielder Fabian Herbers. All three picks were welcomed by the Sons of Ben, but there were a few who scratched their heads at the selection of Rosenberry so early.

"We're not upset at Rosenberry being picked. We just expected him to be available at 6." One Sons of Ben member said of the pick. The general consensus was exactly that. With the need at defense there was certainly an immense interest in Vincent, and with the expectation so high in getting him with the third pick. With the announcement of the pick, you could sense the deflation in the Sons of Ben.

When asked about the disappointment, there was no shortage of clarification that fans want Keegan to don the blue and gold, but that it was more of a have your cake and eat it too type of feeling that was missing.

I think I can speak for the fans of the team that we welcome Johsua, Keegan, and Fabian all to Philadelphia and wish them the best of luck here playing for the Union. See you guys in March!