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Federal Judge strikes blow to Peter Nowak case

Life isn't getting any better for the former Philadelphia Union coach.

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Just a few days after the Philadelphia region has had time to digest the unsealing of hundreds of documents from the Arbitration case against former Philadelphia Union coach Peter Nowak, a federal Judge has ruled in favor of the Arbitration panel's decision. Last year, the Arbitration panel ruled that the firing of Nowak was lawful under the terms of his contract due to serious violations that occurred in the form of the mistreatment of players' health and well-being, acting with complete disregard for league rules, and seeking alternative forms of employment while still dutifully employed as the head coach of the Philadelphia Union.

Nowak's defense team appealed to the higher court and insisted that the Arbitration panel was partial to the Union organization and did not allow for sufficient cross examination, which (he says) would have proven that his removal as head coach was unlawful. However, Federal Judge Mark Kearney clearly did not agree that Mr. Nowak was given an unfair shake and upheld the Arbitration decision.

Under the terms of the Arbitration decision, Mr. Nowak is ordered to pay $452,000 in attorney's fees and costs to the Union's law firms, as well as about $28,000 in fees to the American Arbitration Association.

I think it may be time for Nowak to let sleeping dogs lie. How much money does he really want to spend in trying to disprove such a damning case against him? Peter: Do the Philadelphia Union and its fan base a solid and please leave us alone. It's time to move this team past the era of Nowak and into the new era of Earnie Stewart.