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Reports say Lahoud headed to Cosmos on loan

Brian Straus of Sports Illustrated names Michael Lahoud as the loanee in the Walter Restrepo deal with the New York Cosmos.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Given that the Walter Restrepo deal included a loanee, a lot of people have been speculating on who it could be. Two early reports have narrowed it down, one telling who isn't joining the Cosmos for 2016 and one just flat out naming the player who will be.

Perhaps the more likely of the two reports, by way of it being a little bit more related to who isn't going, Dave Martinez of Empire of Soccer put out an article that mentioned that the Union player to be loaned would not be Leo Fernandes. Seemingly confirming that, Brian Straus of Sports Illustrated tweeted out the following:

While we don't know if either of these reports are true given, the roller coaster of "Guess Who? Union Transfer Edition" is picking up some steam.