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An interview with Darius Madison

Last week, the Brotherly Game talked to Darius Madison, Union Academy product and UMBC player.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Darius Madison burst onto the scene as a sophomore at the University of Virginia and his progression has been closely followed by Union fans ever since. Many have speculated that he could be the club's next homegrown signing if he can continue to develop at the college level. Following Madison's dismissal from the Virginia's soccer team, the Brotherly Game conducted an interview with him to get some answers about his new college team and plans for an MLS career.

The Brotherly Game: What is the most memorable goal that you've ever scored and why?

Madison: "It was for sure the goal that I scored in the PCL Championship when I was in high school playing for Lasalle. It is the most memorable one because it was an amazing shot I believe with my left foot and it waste [sic] win the game."

tBG: What made you settle on going to UMBC?

DM: "I feel as though it was the best available option for my career. I need to produce more goals and I know that I can do that here at UMBC."

tBG: Do you feel that an MLS career is in your future?

DM: "I hope so, it's always been a dream of mine to become a professional footballer."

tBG: If you signed with the Union would you be okay with playing for playing for their new USL team in Lehigh Valley?

DM: "As long as I am signed and doing well on the pitch I am happy to."

tBG: Do you play club soccer to keep in shape after the college season?

DM: "When after the college season?"

tBG: Just any time the season isn't going on pretty much, any time of year.

DM: "The college season is all year around and in the summer I play PDL with Reading United."

tBG: Are you planning on planning on entering the MLS SuperDraft after your senior year?

DM: "I plan on entering the draft."