Wish I were wrong

I should start by saying I like Jim Curtin. Ed Rendell would call him Phily tough. He has played soccer at the highest level nationally and has given his all to coaching the Union.

So why as a fan do I feel so confused and screwed by him? Is it that his well cultured soccer brain is so superior to mine that his substitution strategy is like linear algebra that might as well be white devil magic to my prehistoric cerebellum? Or is his strategy just plain wrong?

I start with the assumption that professionals have forgotten more than I know, yet to me every substitution tonight made the U a weaker offensive team.

Casey for Maidana

Wenger for Sapong

McCarthy for Blake

I applaud Casey coming in when he did, but not for Maidana, your most creative attaching player - and one who could have been good in a shootout too.

I was on my feet for the Wenger sub, until I found out it was for Sapong, the Unions best Striker. It should have been for Gaddis.

Defensively, I have to question pulling the MLS goalie of the week, who just set the club record for saves in one game, who has been called the next LeBron James of MLS, for a backup USL keeper. But offensively it's an even worse decision. That sub at 120 minutes could have been used to bring on a striker for a defender. I`d trade Maquez for Aristigetta in a shootout, how about you?

I was supposed to play soccer at YSC tonight. Told the team I wouldn't be there but be at the Union. One of the guys said what's the Union? My friend replied,"its where you go for dinner occasionally."

I said it's where you ho to get your hopes crushed.

Wish I were wrong.