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It's time

In one week Tonight, the Philadelphia Union will play for the U.S. Open Cup. Again. It's time.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It's time.

It's exactly one week before Tonight is the U.S. Open Cup showdown between the Philadelphia Union and Sporting Kansas City. For us fans, it's time to paint tifo and to come up with chants and song. It's time to get geared up, get fired up, and get riled up. It's time to remember how it was last year. It was crazy. It was loud. It was electric.

For the players, it's time to remember how much it absolutely sucked to stand there and watch the Seattle Sounders lift a trophy on our pitch. It's time to remember how goddamned angry it made you to hear their fans cheering and singing as they hoisted that trophy. Our trophy. Remember that pain. Feel your blood boil again. Feel that burning anger in the core of your very being. Use it. Use that motivation to keep going when your entire body is screaming for you to stop. You don't want to feel that again. Not again. Not in our house. Not in front of these fans.

In a year that has seen as many lows as any other season, this is the chance for redemption - a chance to do something truly remarkable that will be remembered until the stars themselves turn cold and dead.

To become champions.

It's time.

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