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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - Dynamo 0

Poetry Corner Kicks will take a win any day.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

In the end, this win probably won’t help the Philadelphia Union make the playoffs. There have just been too many losses by this team. That said, Woohooooooo! A win always feels good. We hope that these late season wins don’t prompt the ownership to gloss over the needs of this still-not-ready-for-primetime team, but it feels good nonetheless. Let’s see how this feel-good weekend came about when our Philadelphia Union welcomed the Houston Dynamo to PPL...

What a win, what a win, all the players wear grins
The Union kick Dynamos right in the shins
Too little too late are the points gained by Philly
But "win is a win" so we cheered ourselves silly
Just after the start our brand new Swiss in blue
Scored in the third and so up were the U
Chances were coming for both teams throughout
In thirty-six, forty-five, all were snuffed out
In forty-nine Edu made quite a mistake
And gave the orange guys a gift-chance they could take
But later with Philly still up by a goal
They scored yet another to gain full control
Sapong got the end of a slick Fabby-cross
And that was what finished the Dynamo loss
Fabinho, Sapong, Barnetta, Le Toux
McCarthy, and others played well for the U
With just four games left it seems playoffs are far
The Union just never could raise their own bar
But wins are still fun so we cheer till we’re hoarse
Let’s hope that next year they can straighten their course