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Erik Palmer-Brown vs. Zach Pfeffer in FIFA 16 Skill Game

The Philadelphia Union's Zach Pfeffer faces off against Sporting Kansas City's Erik Palmer-Brown in a Real-Life FIFA 16 Skill Game.

Sporting Kansas City's Erik Palmer-Brown and the Philadelphia Union's Zach Pfeffer squared off in a real-life skill game inspired by EA Sports FIFA 16, where players can face off against one another in these same games of skill.

In the first challenge, Palmer-Brown narrowly defeats Pfeffer in the Advanced Circle Pass, which involves the players passing the ball into miniature goals set up in a circle around the player. Palmer-Brown hits seven of eight, and while Pfeffer also hit seven of eight, Palmer-Brown beat him with a points score of 13,420 to 13,400.

In the second challenge, Pfeffer bests Palmer-Brown in the Shooting Challenge, which entails knocking down a wall of boxes while shooting through or around an obstacle with three diagonal holes in it. Palmer-Brown manages to only connect on two of five strikes for a 3,250 score while Pfeffer hits on three of five for 5,750 points. Pfeffer also overtook the Chicago Fire's Harrison Shipp on this challenge overall. Shipp managed a 5,000 score in his attempt against the San Jose Earthquakes' Tommy Thompson.

In the third and final challenge, Pfeffer hits one of the few scores in the Advanced Lob Pass, which has the players lobbing a pass into a garbage cans downfield. Pfeffer went one of four, racking up 2,500 points while Palmer-Brown went zero for five

Let's hope it goes this well for Pfeffer and the Union against Palmer-Brown and Sporting Kansas City in the U.S. Open Cup.