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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Crew SC 2

Poetry Corner Kicks sees that the dream is dying.

The golden legs of a golden boot winner?
The golden legs of a golden boot winner?
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The joy of the win against the Quakes was short lived. The Philadelphia Union welcomed Columbus Crew SC to PPL with momentum on their side, but despite many chances, they came up short. The Union have just five regular season games left to play. It seems the only upcoming game that could possibly mean anything is the US Open Cup Final. It is probably not healthy, but I am putting more and more hope into that game. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s examine Saturday’s game...

Once upon a time there was a team
A special team who had a dream
The team was special ‘cause of fans
But players played like also-rans
Their dream was winning many games;
Their execution pulled up lame
Another chance to earn some points,
With C-bus coming to their joint
Momentum came in with the U
But left them and then joined the Crew
The U had chances, that’s for sure
In shots on goal, they had two more
But in the end it’s goals that win
And C-bus had more that went in
In twenty-one and twenty-six,
Kai shot two between the sticks
At half the home team down by two
The blue of U down to the Crew
CJ’s goal helped U regroup
While PPL played DOOP on loop
Barnetta tried as did Le Toux
And Casey also to get two
But at the close it ain’t to be
The Crew walked out with points of three
With not much left to play this year
We see the cheers turn into jeers
Another season down the drain
Let’s hope the Cup can ease the pain