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Sons of Ben deliver lunch to Chester-Upland School District teachers

Well done, Sons of Ben.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Sons of Ben do awesome things.

When the teachers of the Chester-Upland School District announced on Wednesday that they would start the school year even though they weren't guaranteed a paycheck due to the Pennsylvania budget crisis, the Sons of Ben stepped up and bought lunches for the teachers of the school district, and Director of Philanthropy Bill Gusler delivered them to Chester High School yesterday.

The Sons of Ben's philanthropy is legendary, from their annual Help Kick Hunger and Stache Bash events to raise money and food donations for the Bernardine Center in Chester, to the annual River Cup match that pits the Sons of Ben against the Philadelphia Union's Front Office on the pitch at PPL Park.

Luckily for all involved the teachers will wind up getting paid after all, however there's still been no resolution for the budget impasse. While it's up to the politicians in Harrisburg to figure that out, the citizens of Chester should be proud of the dedicated people teaching in their schools, just as the soccer community should be proud of the Sons of Ben.