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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 0 - Revolution 1

Poetry Corner Kicks rhymes a funeral for the Union.

These young fans line up to pay their respects to the recently departed.
These young fans line up to pay their respects to the recently departed.
Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

This loss felt final, didn’t it? Despite dropping all three points at home, the Philadelphia Union are still technically alive in the playoff chase. But losing to the New England Revolution sure felt like it was our last hope.  So here at Poetry Corner Kicks, we held a funeral for our Union. Sure, they are still alive and sure they still have seven games left in the regular season, but it just feels right. I really would like nothing more than to be wrong about this. But for now, raise your glasses with me folks, to our 2015 Philadelphia Union. May they rest in peace.

A funeral is never fun
Especially if you’re the one
Whose place is mourned
When it’s begun
And if you’re still alive

The Union’s game at PPL
Brought us all a glimpse of hell
The Revs attack
They couldn’t quell
And Philly was deprived

At first it seemed the U might score
There came a shot, then came some more
But Shuttleworth
Would shut the door
A goal never arrived

When netting struck in twenty-two
And then a shot came from Le Toux
It seemed that Philly
Might break through
Instead they took a dive

And then just after break at half
The Revs would snatch up the last laugh
Diego scored
On their behalf
The visitors revived

The final nail in Philly’s coffin:
Chaco’s red, which felt quite rotten
Surely Philly’s
Dead man walkin’
The U will not survive