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Union fan's perfect response to Celtic-Fenerbahçe Twitter row



Like most Philadelphia Union fans, my friend Scott also has a European team he roots for. In his case (and the case of many other Union fans as well), it's Scotland's best known club Celtic. Scott lives and breathes Celtic, who are set to play in the Europa League Group Stage in December. Celtic was drawn into a group with Dutch legends Ajax, Denmark's Molde, and Turkish giants Fenerbahçe on Friday,and the Fenerbahçe fans took to Twitter looking to intimidate the Scottish fans who were going to travel to Istanbul to watch the match.

In what could have easily escalated into threats of violence and general internet assbaggery, a Celtic fan  decided to "take the piss" as they say.

#thatsnotaknife became a thing, and people started posting themselves holding objects that weren't knives.

Scott got into the action, posting a picture of himself holding a Minecraft sword.

In all fairness, the Fenerbahçe fans got into the act too.

Even the original knife-wielding girl saw the humor of it all, posting the following.

Scott's tweet - as well as many others - went viral, being retweeted and put into articles like this one. Well done, Celtic and Fenerbahçe fans. Hopefully when the clubs face off in December, the fans will leave the knives at home.