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Sons of Ben win Pope Bot photo of the week contest

93.3 WMMR's Preston and Steve Show named the Sons of Ben winners of the Pope Bot Photo of the Week competition

Sons of Ben

The Sons of Ben were named the winners of the Preston and Steve Show's Pope Bot Photo of the Week contest earlier today. For those who are unaware, Pope Bot was a creation of 93.3 WMMR's morning show Preston and Steve. In the wake of the destruction of Hitch Bot in Philadelphia several weeks ago, Pope Bot was created to not only celebrate the Pope's arrival in Philadelphia but give the citizens of Philadelphia the opportunity to redeem themselves following Hitch Bot's untimely demise.

The Sons of Ben had been working through social media to get Pope Bot to Saturday's Philadelphia Union game against the New England Revolution and their efforts were successful, as Pope Bot could be seen on the capo stand throughout the game. More importantly, one of the pictures of Pope Bot that was taken during the game was named the Pope Bot Photo of the Week making the Sons of Ben winners of a cash prize, which will be donated to charity according to the Sons of Ben Twitter account.