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The Union have gotten rid of Raïs M'Bolhi

The Miracle on Stadium Drive

Bye Felicia
Bye Felicia
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

After a long shift of work over the night, I arrived home, logged into my computer and was greeted with a Christmas in August miracle.

As Kevin Kinkead has reported, Raïs M'Bolhi is no longer a Philadelphia Union player.


M'Bolhi is on his way to Turkish club Antalyaspor per Kinkead as well as Antalyaspor's own twitter feed.

While it's not yet known if the Union released M'Bolhi or Antalyaspor paid a fee for him, surely there will be jubilation within the Union fan base.  The worst club signing in history is finally gone.  While details are scarce right now, I don't think I exaggerate when I say that I honestly do not care what dark god the Union cavorted with in order to offload M'Bolhi from their books.  Perhaps Chris Albright and Jim Curtin made a bet with Satan and engaged in a "Devil Went Down to Georgia" fiddle match with the stakes being their souls (or possibly Jim's collection of tight pants) versus them being able to get rid of M'Bolhi.

Whatever the reason for M'Bolhi's departure, the Union fan base can FINALLY begin to move on.