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Here are some dumb things we can name the Union's USL team

Philadelphia Union

A few weeks from now, the Union will allow fans to vote on the name of the team's new USL franchise. If you don't like one of the four pre-selected names up for election, you can write in an alternative. With that in mind, here are some dumb things we can name the team:

  • Philadelphia Union - Simple and clean, this name would seamlessly integrate the club and community into the already strong Philadelphia Union brand.
  • U2 - How many draft picks would Toronto want for Alex Bono?
  • Philadelphia Two-nion - This is one is actually semi-serious.
  • Sakiewicz's Monster
  • Tampa Bay Mutiny - We haven't forgotten, Nick.
  • Go Union
  • The Lehigh Valley Is An Acceptable Location, Appealing To Fans In An Untapped Market With A History Of Soccer Excellence, While Not Prohibitively Far From PPL Park, Where The Team Will Train, Or The City Of Philadelphia Proper FC (TLVIAALATFIAUMWAHOSEWNPFFPPWTTWTOTCOPPFC)
  • Bethlehem Steel - Why would you name a soccer team after a corporation that went bankrupt?
  • Ass
  • Assbutt - Really, just anything with ass. We can do that.
  • Bethlehem City Islanders - The only City Islanders we recognize.
  • @TasiasWord - This is the twitter handle of Fantasia Barrino, the third winner of American Idol.
  • 26
  • The National Hockey League
  • http://

Have any dumb names you'd like to suggest? Leave them in the comments!