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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 3 - Fire 3

Poetry Corner Kicks recaps another exciting tie.

Face of the game, brought to you by coach Jim Curtin.
Face of the game, brought to you by coach Jim Curtin.
Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

I am not even sure how I feel about this game. It was exciting in the last ten minutes, but the overall feeling at the end is disappointment. There were so many what-ifs in this game: what if Sean Johnson missed just one of those ridiculous saves; what if the refs had called the handball at the end; what if the refs had called it when the ball went out of bounds (twice) before the final goal; what if the Philadelphia Union could have shored up their defense and not let those risky situations occur in the first place? Ultimately, the what-ifs count for nothing. The Union and Chicago Fire tied the game and the points were distributed evenly to no effect. Both teams wallow at the bottom of the standings and for the Union, it seems that no hope for change is in sight.

Sean Johnson Sean Johnson, the bane of the U
You kept out the shots from the home team in blue
Three goals were allowed yet you still stood quite tall
And you saved most all of the shots of the ball
The Fire struck first as the ninth minute passed
And threatened to put Philly’s Union in last
But soon the U scored by a leg of Fernando
Maidana assisted, our set-up commando
Fabinho hit next to give Philly the lead
A win was assured if they did not concede
Alas after half Patrick Nyarko hit gold
It came while the half was just nine minutes old
What came at the end was the stuff of a legend
Sean Johnson showed all why this was his profession
Save after save after save came from Sean
Till finally ‘Toux scored and they thought they had won
But just as the fans were enjoying the score
The Fire came through and they scored just once more
With calls left uncalled this last goal was allowed
The fans were all ticked and their boos rang out loud
A point for each team was the final result
It felt like a loss and an ugly insult
The Impact are next the U’s season seems done
It seemed it was finished ‘ere it had begun