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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 0 - Orlando City 0

Poetry Corner Kicks: at least they didn't lose.

Philadelphia Union newbie Tranquillo Barnetta almost had a great assist.
Philadelphia Union newbie Tranquillo Barnetta almost had a great assist.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It was a game that the Philadelphia Union maybe should have won.  When you take a look at the chances and some of the saves that Orlando City goalkeeper Tally Hall made, the case certainly could be made.  However, given the Union’s recent form, what would be a disappointing game for other teams in the league ends up looking pretty shiny by Union standards.  Let’s take a quick gander at the match...

The Union went out on the road
To see if they could win
They didn’t win but didn’t lose
Despite what might have been

Some lineup changes ‘gainst O.C.
Had Curtin thinking spark
Alas they could not win the net
Nor find their scoring mark

Le Toux would come the closest when
His shot rang off the post
An early goal could be the key to
Winning ‘gainst the host

Larin tried to score a goal,
A record breaking tally
But none would come from minute one to
This here game’s finale

Chaco made their keeper work by
Shooting many balls
But all were saved or went awry
While Union’s offense stalled

Marquez had a super chance
In minute eighty-seven
But reflexes from Tally Hall proved
He’s their secret weapon

A point more in the standings doesn’t
Help the Union’s case
There’s just too many points to gain in
This year’s playoff chase

The Union didn’t get a win
But not their normal dross
The fans can say with muted cheer:
"At least it ain’t a loss"