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Carlos Valdes discusses future in MLS

The Colombian center back gave an interview to Caracol Deportes Radio and spoke of his current situation with Nacional as well as possible future situations with Santa Fe, Junior FC, and yes - Major League Soccer.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

In an interview on Colombian radio Monday, Carlos Valdés cleared up some of the rumors that have been circling him for the past couple of days. The Colombian center back talked about his current club (Uruguay's Nacional), rumors about him going to either Junior FC or back to Santa Fe in his native Colombia, and his possible return to MLS.

In the segment with Caracol Deportes Radio, Valdés started off by reiterating that he was under contract to Uruguayan Primera División side Nacional through December, and that his focus was on Nacional. He said that an opportunity arose with Colombia's Junior FC and that an agreement was in place, but that "an arrangement was not given." He followed that by saying  that "at this moment it would be difficult to return to the United States (MLS)."

Valdés went on to talk about his relationship with Colombian club Santa Fe, where he spent three years - two before and one after his stint with the Philadelphia Union. "I have a good relationship with the fans of Santa Fe" said Valdés. "The door to Santa Fe is open, and it's a jersey I respect. I won't rule out a return to Independiente Santa Fe. My future doesn't depend on me, but on who owns my rights."

It seems most unlikely that Valdés will ever return to the Union. Just like with Rais M'Bolhi, the Union will need to find a way to try and transfer him - the only difference is that there seems to be a market for Valdés' services.