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Did Nick Sakiewicz spill the beans on an MLS team in Indianapolis?

When Nick speaks, things happen. Sometimes.

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, Nick Sakiewicz revealed that the Union are looking to start a USL team next year in an interview with The Morning Call. In that same interview, when talking about Major League Soccer's growth, Sakiewicz mentions that an MLS team is coming to Indianapolis.

These are still the early days, he said. "This league is growing like a rocket ship. The MLS is on fire right now with 20 teams. When we came into the league six years ago, there were just 16. More are coming ... Atlanta, Indianapolis ... by the end of the decade, we'll be up to 24 teams." - Philadelphia Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz in The Morning Call, July 6, 2014.

Indianapolis, home to Indy Eleven of the NASL, is one of the many cities (St. Louis, Sacramento, Austin) tossed around as the next to receive an MLS franchise. Though the Eleven's proposals to either build a new stadium or renovate the current one were shot down in the state legislature, Sakiewicz seems to imply that there is a spot for Indianapolis in MLS.

Considering the precedent set by David Beckham's Miami franchise, which is still yet to be announced due to their futile attempts at finding a stadium, it's unlikely that Indy is in without a doubt. If MLS Commissioner Don Garber would refuse entry to David Beckham, he probably wouldn't let Indianapolis in the door.

Given all of the evidence that disputes Sakiewicz's claim, it's hard to tell if MLS really is coming to Indianapolis. Before you put down a deposit on season tickets, I'd wait for a more reputable source to report this.