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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - D.C. United 3

Poetry Corner Kicks goes from High to Low.

Well, it was a good start anyway.
Well, it was a good start anyway.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Two quick goals made for a high-hopes-day that ended with a low-hopes-evening.  While it seems that no one can stop CJ Sapong from scoring goals these days, it also seems that no one can stop the Philadelphia Union from drifting slowly away from the playoff race.  Let’s see what happened on Sunday...

A goal! A goal! A pretty one, so fast!
The game had barely started and the U had shot a blast
A goal! A goal! Another one was scored!
Le Toux would put a ball in net that put two on the board
Penalty! A Penalty! Espindola to shoot
His aim was off, his shot went high off of his errant boot
Alas, Alas! The lead was not to last
For D.C.U. is better and the U would be surpassed
The first, the first, of D.C.’s many goals
Came from the new guy who would help his team climb from the hole
At half, at half, the U still up by one
But when the second half began the Union came undone
‘Leon! ‘Leon! He tied the game up tight
His first goal of the season brought the home fans pure delight
The post! The post! A nemesis for Philly
CJ’s shot beat all but wood and made him look quite silly
A third! A third! The home team up by one!
Espindola leaped higher and his header the game won
A loss, a loss, another for the U
The red line falling far away for Philly’s team in blue
What next? What next? A game against New York
If they don’t win you probably can in them just stick a fork