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Valdes Contract mutually terminated

The seemingly never-ending Carlos Valdes saga is officially at an end.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The Carlos Valdes saga is officially over as MLS and the Philadelphia Union have agreed to mutually terminate the defender's contract. The specific details surrounding the termination have not been released and will likely never be officially released due to league policy.

It was reported earlier today that the 60% of Valdes' rights owned by MLS would be sold to Independiente Santa Fe, who owned the other 40%. There is no concrete confirmation of this in the press release, nor is there any information about any sort of compensation that the Union would receive, if any.

Even if the Union receive nothing in the way of monetary compensation from this deal, it is refreshing that this saga is finally at an end. Valdes was at times one of the best defenders in MLS, but it also appeared that he didn't always want to be in Philadelphia. His desire to play on the Colombia national team also seemed to conflict with his willingness to play in MLS. No matter how the situation is viewed, it is best for both sides involved that this long saga is finally at an end.