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Opposite View: Four questions with Alicia Tolar of Dynamo Theory about Allocation Money

We sat down with Alicia Tolar of Dynamo Theory, SB Nation's Houston Dynamo blog, to talk about the Philadelphia Union's newest player Allocation Money.

Earl Gardner

tBG) What is Allocation Money's best position?

DT) The best thing about Allocation Money or AM, as I like to call him, he can slot in anywhere on the field. Big need or little need he is the guy there to help you out. He is happy no matter where you put him. He is content to sit in the theoretical bank, but he doesn't have much in the way of bags to pack so he is willing to go to another team when you need him to.

tBG) How well does he get along with his teammates?

DT) The problem with AM is that there is only so much of him to go around. He is a super loveable guy and that everyone wants to have around him. You can always catch him joking around in training with his teammates, but come game day he is all business.

tBG) What was Allocation Money's best moment with the Houston Dynamo?

DT) Houston has a history of trading players for Allocation Money, but they haven't traded much away. Houston traded Brian Mullian to the Colorado Rapids in 2010 for Colin Clark and some good old Allocation Money. Clark helped the Dynamo win back to back MLS Cups in 2011 and 2012 which was pretty sweet.

tBG) Why couldn't he seem to crack the lineup lately?

DT) Our sudden need on defense and the need for an international roster sport out weighted the team's needs for AM. Cubo Torres had been on loan to Chivas Guadajalara and returned during this transfer window, but Houston was out of international roster spots. Thanks to Gold Cup call-ups, trades and injuries the team is suddenly thin on defense and would only have four defenders to play in Saturday's match-up. For all of his skills, and they are many, we couldn't add a defender and an international roster spot without letting AM go. It's tough to see him go I know he will be really missed in Houston.